Brave Reporter Atom Araullo coverage of 'Yolanda' in Tacloban City

The daring coverage of ABS-CBN News reporter Atom Araullo in Tacloban City, which was battered Friday by the world's most powerful typhoon this year, was lauded by netizens as it aired on primetime, making it a top trending topic on Twitter. -ABS-CBN
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Sex Scandal Is More Fun in the Philippines!

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Meanwhile in the Philippines - Cyber Crime Law

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News are more fun in the Philippines!


1. Lalaki Pinatay ng 4 Dahil di Alam ang "Nobody" - Guy get killed by 4 because he doesnt know how to sing "Nobody"

"Nobody" is a dance-pop song produced by Park Jin-Young and recorded by Korean girl group Wonder Girls. It was a popular hit song in the Philippines in 2008.

2. Ayaw Magpakopya Binasag ang Mukha - Greedy Student Don't want someone to copy  hes/her work was punched in the face!

3. Pinatay Dahil Pogi! - Slane because He Was Handsome!

A group of ugly guys did this! OMG! "Need to lessen the number of handsome guys in the Philippines!" -cried by a group of ugly murderers.

So you think its more fun in the Philippines huh? hahahaha
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Wedding is More Fun in the Philippines

As the water rose in Manila on Wednesday, Hernelie Ruazol and Ram Ocampo didn't realize that their vow 'for better or worse' would be tested so early. They were married inside a church but exited to a deluge. "I only wished to have a simple wedding but we had an extraordinary one!" said Hernelie, an elementary school teacher.

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Flood is More Fun in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines -- At least a third of this overpopulated capital and its suburbs were submerged Tuesday as torrential rains battered the city and floodwaters poured in from almost all sides. A silted lake in the south sent water coursing into an overflowing river that slices through Manila; water poured from the open floodgates of a dam to the north, and high tide brought flooding from the bay to the west.

"It's like Waterworld," said Benito Ramos, who heads the government's disaster relief agency, referring to the Hollywood movie with Kevin Costner depicting a submerged Earth.

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